_04a0443-editedThis blog will present a modest collection of the weddings me and my family has captured for the past 3 years and all the ones to come…

Since I’m based in NYC I got curious to see what weddings are based across the country. And it’s totally worth it! The biggest benefit is that I can travel with my family /my husband and our two girls/ and shoot with them, which we do quite often.

One may say it all started with the help of magic. Or that it was meant to happen. My father was a movie director and I loved getting lost in the movie center he worked in once. Photography was my first love, filming came later. I can’t stand that boring, unedited, everyday part of life, so I chose to focus on the positive parts, and capturing them for other people is absolute magic.

I love my life, no doubt. But as every artist, there is always room for improvement in my life. Or at least I’m always trying to make it better.

In 2013, I was filming the Mardi Gras documentary in New Orleans. I took an interview from Priestess Miriam and we spoke about the festival and some politics but nothing personal. I was hoping she’d “predict” the life of Mardi Gras and New Orleans but she had other ideas in mind. Later on, while watching the footage, I realized that the second half of the interview was entirely about me! Among other things, she said that in April I would be receiving news and in May I’d do something that will change my life forever. In April that year we received an approval for our Artist visa which we should have gotten have a year before that. But since we got it, we decided over night that we should move to New York “now or never.” We sold our apartment back home and most of our belongings including precious drum sets, expensive lens and at the very end of May I left to look for a place for us. Me, my husband and our 2 girls who were 7 and 12 years old at the time, stayed at 7 different places in the period of three months before we could rent our own. The rest is history…

Now, 3 years later, we just received an approval for our green cards and we feel like Rocky when he won the World Championship. Like a great prize after a great battle. It seems that here in New York I’m more successful than ever. Getting better in my work has become my everyday drug. I’m extremely proud to be able to support my family this way, to get their support on everything that happens, and live in the greatest city ever. So we’ll keep exploring America – capturing people’s best moments or as the pros on Fashion Week like to say – Shooting people for a living.