Haverhill, MA

The Renaissance Golf club


The Fairytale Wedding

Ocala, FL

Maglos video

That weekend was simply magical! Starting with the horse riding, pool jumping, gorgeous under an ancient tree ceremony and ending after beautiful sunset under the stars  reception. Imagine when the bride started saying her vows in Spanish despite she doesn’t speak the language. The things we do for each other…


The Saint Patrick’s Day wedding

Saint Thomas of Villanova Church

Villanova, PA


That was one truly perfect day! It rarely happens! From the weather to the people and timing of all events! I’m so flattered to be chosen as part of that day, felt to be so great to be Irish for a day…


The rainy wedding /Prospect,CT/

I believe that’s every bride’s nightmare… Rain on the wedding day. And I always try to be positive and mention it can’t possibly rain all day long, right? But that day it did! And still we got some great natural light images, and they still got married and everybody was happy, so who cares now it rained?


R&J’s wedding /Hamilton, VA/

So Virginia is for lovers, right? And one would mention is about Love of history but details… It’s lovely there, that I know for sure. And Ryan and Jessica had really beautiful wedding. And they announced they’re expecting a child right after the ceremony. And the guests were dancers and actors… What else can you ask for? 🙂


Antelope Canyon, Arizona

After the Colorado wedding we went to see the Antelope canyon. Well we saw indians, and the canyon is amazing! But as every tourist attraction, you need to plan way ahead which I didn’t actually. And the Upper and Lower canyon weren’t available to see or see without a huge wait so we found the Canyon X. Still amazing, and the greatest part not so crowded, and the photo tour allowed us to go as a family of photographers. I can’t say I did great shots of the canyon, it takes a lot of work to do it epic, and the time of the day wasn’t right but I had a great time with my girls! And I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!